Bay Side Brunch / Lunch Specials

PDF format of Brunch / Lunch Menu

served anytime

Irish Cappuccino 10

jamison irish whiskey, coffee, milk foam float


served with olive oil crispy roasted mix vegetables & potates

crab benedict deconstructed 29

dungeness crab, hollandaise

eggs benedict 24

italian bacon, spinach, hollandaise

eggs on avocado, farro crostini 19 | add italian bacon 5

smoked salmon scramble 24

on epi toast

Italian Momlettes

cheese 19

raw milk white cheddar cheese with epi toast


add 10

crab scallions, spinach

add 8

smoked salmon, scallions

add 6

cremini mushrooms

add 6


add 6

lightly creamed spinach

add 6

mixed vegetables & potatoes


add olive oil crispy roasted mixed vegetables & potatoes 5

crab melt 24

avocado, red onions, white cheddar cheese

crispy italian bacon 19

tomato, avocado, cheddar cheese

cremini mushroom melt 17

italian herbs, raw milk white cheddar cheese

caprice burger 19

epi bread, grilled onions, cheddar cheese, ketchup


lotsa blueberry pancakes 16

hot maple butter


two eggs GF 6

avocado, farro crostini 9

italian bacon 8

olive oil crispy roasted mix vegetables & potatoes GF 9